Production Stills & On-Set Photography in Los Angeles, CA

Casey Templeton Photography is an experienced production stills photographer and on-set photographer for the Los Angeles, CA area. Casey has years of experience taking on-set photography on advertising and commercial shoots in Los Angeles.

Being nimble and quick to adjust to the activity on a commercial set, Casey Templeton and his team can capture the still photography that needs to be done without encroaching or interrupting the production of a commercial shoot. Over the years, Casey has traveled to Los Angeles to photograph the production stills for commercial shoots across industries.

Stills Photographer for Commercial Shoots in LA

Casey Templeton’s photography work experience in LA involves being a unit still photographer working with producers, production companies, and advertisers on commercial shoots. If you need a photographer for your next commercial or video production in Los Angeles, contact us at Casey Templeton Photography today. Let’s work together in LA to capture the on-set photography you need.

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