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If you work in the construction industry, you may not realize the impact professional photography can have on the success of your organization. Construction photography documents the people, processes, and products of a project. Images from a construction project have many different uses and benefit various stakeholders. 

This post will provide an overview of professional construction photography, including: 

  • What construction photography is 
  • Types of construction photo documentation 
  • Who should hire a construction photographer 
  • What construction photography is used for 
  • Phases of a construction photoshoot
  • Benefits of investing in construction photography services

What Is Construction Photography? 

Construction photography is the documentation of construction projects through imagery. It’s a specialized niche of industrial photography and falls under the larger umbrella of commercial photography

A professional construction photographer is tasked to navigate job sites without disrupting workflow or putting anyone in danger. All while capturing the natural process of a construction project or construction-related task. 

The advancement of Android and iPhone cameras makes it easier for companies to capture images of construction themselves. No matter how great your camera is – or the amount of tips and tricks you have to use it – it can’t make up for the experience a professionally trained construction photographer has under their belt.

Types Of Construction Photo Documentation 

Construction photography can be broken down into multiple image types captured throughout a session. 

  • Commercial lifestyle action shots: Candid images of workers on-site completing various tasks. This also includes images of construction equipment and visuals of the construction site without employees. 
  • Aerial shots: Overhead shots – often wide angle – that capture the entire worksite (or sections of it) from the air. 
  • Timelapse shots: Multiple images of the worksite (or specific sections of it) captured in sequential order used to provide a visual of progress overtime. 
  • Product photos: Specific construction equipment companies will hire photographers to capture high-quality product photos of their brand in action on a job site. 
  • Architectural images: After completion of a project, architectural images showcase the finished building or structure – both interior and exterior. 
  • Portraits and headshots: While on-site, construction companies may have photographers capture headshots for their professional website or group portraits for marketing content and advertising materials. 

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Who Should Hire A Construction Photographer

Although it’s in the name, construction photographers aren’t always hired by construction companies. Depending on circumstances, there are a wide range of professionals who can benefit from hiring a construction photographer, including: 

  • Construction companies
  • Architects 
  • Consultants 
  • Developers
  • Building owners 
  • Marketing Companies 
  • Manufacturers of construction products and materials

What Is Construction Photography Used For? 

Though many different professions hire construction photographers, they all use images for similar purposes. Some of the most common use cases for construction photography include: 

  • Marketing content and advertising materials: Between photos for online marketing, social media content, and visuals for print advertisements, a construction photographer provides a robust library of images to grow businesses. 
  • Documenting the process: Whether a business promoting its new facility or a construction company building a visual brand reputation, construction photography is used to document the process from start to finish. 
  • Communication: Along with promotional purposes, construction photography is used for communication between businesses and their stakeholders, construction companies and their clients, smaller groups within a construction team, or any other form of communication through visuals. 
  • Portfolios and sales pitches: Creating a diverse image library from different projects helps professionals in the construction industry build portfolios used for pitching to potential clients. Portfolios demonstrate a construction brand’s process, how teams operate, and examples of results. 
  • Building a brand: Quality, professional construction photography is used to build an authoritative, trustworthy brand by highlighting attention to detail, modern and innovative equipment, the efficiency of your team, and stunning final architecture through visuals.

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Phases Of A Construction Photoshoot

A construction photoshoot is made up of several different phases. Not all shoots contain every phase. It varies depending on the scope of the project, budget, and other factors. 

A full-scale construction photoshoot typically includes: 

  • Pre-construction planning
  • Construction 
  • Completion 
  • Post construction
  • Demolition
  • Renovations and refurbishments 

I’ll expand upon each of the individual phases in the sections below.

Pre-Construction Planning

The first phase of a construction photoshoot is pre-construction planning. Pre-construction photography is made up of multiple images, including: 

  • Behind the scenes of the design 
  • Landscape images of land plots so companies can add virtual renderings of their projected finished project
  • Images of existing buildings that are being added onto 
  • Visual documentation of the planning process including meetings, on-site visitations, physical design plans, and other planning tasks


When you hear construction photography, you probably think of this phase. The construction phase often lasts the longest, as it ranges from breaking ground to finishing touches. 

In this phase of construction photography, a variety of images are captured including: 

  • Candid shots of employees working on-site 
  • Wide-shot landscape images of the site at different times 
  • Detailed images of construction equipment both in use and at rest

construction vehicle dumping material onto project site


Once the actual construction process wraps up, the completion phase of construction photography begins. This phase is nearly interchangeable with architectural photography. 

Completion involves capturing the finished project in a full slate of images with as many angles and details as possible. This includes a range of shots from both the exterior and interior. 

overhead image of finished construction building

Post Construction

After completion comes the post-construction phase of construction photography. While you might think that completion and post-construction are the same, there is a difference. The post-construction phase is documentation of the time between the completion of construction and when it’s handed over to the owner. 

This includes the final walkthrough and inspection. It also incorporates the transitionary period where the owner is trained on how everything in the building or structure works.


The demolition phase of construction photography is often separate from a traditional engagement. Demolition involves action shots of an old structure’s demolition, typically where the new structure will eventually take shape. 

Demolition photography can be used in before and after content, as with timelapse montages. In a full-scale engagement, demolition comes before the construction phase. 

Renovations and Refurbishments 

An often separate, standalone phase of construction photography is renovations and refurbishments. This is for smaller-scale projects where the photographer documents a renovation of an existing structure. This is in place of the construction of a new building from scratch. 

Why Invest In Construction Photography Services?

Now that you have a better grasp of what construction photography is, you may wonder what you stand to gain from investing in it. 

There are several benefits to investing in construction photography services, including to: 

  • Describe and highlight your brand 
  • Tell your story 
  • Enhance your marketing content 
  • Improve brand image
  • Win more projects 
  • Maintain positive working relationships 
  • Recruit employees 
  • Set yourself apart from competitors 

Continue reading the sections below to learn more about each benefit.

Describe and Highlight Your Brand

Construction photography is an effective way to present your brand visually. Whether you’re a construction company, a developer, or a consultant, you need branding

A variety of professional photos allows you to showcase your team and how they work together, the equipment you use on the job, and the quality of your work.

portrait of male construction worker

Tell Your Story

One of the best ways to spread your brand and form an emotional connection with clients is to share your story. Visuals can help you tell your organization’s story – where you came from and what you do today. 

High-quality images help showcase the history and foundation of your team, experience, equipment, and process. 

Enhance Your Marketing Content

Images are essential to successful visual marketing for your construction company. Whether it’s social media posts, print ads, or online marketing, images are more effective than text. Paired with well-written copy, visuals create a one-two punch to step your marketing game up to the next level. 

Improve Brand Image

Brand image is the way that consumers view your organization. Visuals are a major contributor to the perception of your brand. Professional photography is one of the best ways to improve or enhance your brand image. 

Specific to construction, professional photography allows you to present your company in a way that shapes the perception of customers. If you’re a construction company, authentic images of your team hard at work and compelling final architectural shots can position you as a trusted source for building needs. 

Win More Projects

As a brand in the construction industry, your main goal is to win projects. Professional photography is the best way to help your company win more bids. High-quality, detailed photographs showcase exceptional work and quality equipment used to complete projects. 

Images from construction photoshoots create a portfolio that you can use to pitch future projects. Highlighting timelapse photos and before/after comparisons can emphasize the magnitude of your organization’s impact on the progress of a project over time. A robust library of professional images documenting a variety of projects opens up more opportunities for you to pitch. 

overhead image of construction site in city

Maintain Positive Working Relationships

Not all benefits of construction photography revolve around external relations. Images can help your business internally. When discussing details and specifics, images can help team members and stakeholders communicate better on projects. 

The photos captured can be used to discuss adjustments, monitor progress, and provide visual support for any discussion relating to a project. 

Recruit Employees 

Another overlooked component of the construction industry is recruitment. Visuals are an important component of employer branding and you can’t complete quality projects without the right team members. 

Images with positive depictions of employees working together on-site can be used to recruit quality new members to your organization.

Set Yourself Apart From Competitors

Aside from all the other benefits, professional construction photography equips you with branded imagery to stand out from the rest of your competition in the industry. 

Visual branding can help portray a message or bring out qualities of your organization that are unique. Unique, quality brands capture the attention of clients looking for the right choice for their projects. 

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Casey Templeton’s Professional Construction Photography Services

I’ve covered a vast majority of the most important information about photography for the construction industry. I hope you now have a better understanding of the different types of construction photography and how a wide range of professionals in the industry benefit from it. 

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