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One surefire component to building a reputable auto brand is transparency, and car manufacturing photography takes consumers inside the facility where vehicles are built. Much like corporate photography aims to showcase the people behind the product, auto manufacturing photography highlights the people and process that goes into assembling each and every car on the road.

Commercial automotive manufacturing photography is a niche industry that takes skill, experience, and creativity to succeed. If your business assembles vehicles, it’s imperative to understand what auto manufacturing photography is and how you can benefit from it. Continue reading to learn what a professional car manufacturing photographer does and how to schedule a successful shoot.

What Is Automotive Manufacturing Photography?

Commercial car manufacturing is a niche specialization of industrial photography. Pulling back the curtain and giving consumers a behind-the-scenes look at your facility, this type of manufacturing photography provides you with a robust library of marketing images to incorporate on your website or create an advertising campaign around.

What Is An Automotive Manufacturing Photographer?

You can’t just pull out your iPhone camera, read up on a few tricks and tips then expect to get professional results – especially when working in a potentially dangerous working environment.

A car manufacturing photographer is a trained professional who specializes in capturing compelling images of the people, processes and facilities that make the auto industry the behemoth it is. Photographers use their knowledge of strategic lighting, framing, positioning, and technical expertise to highlight the factory and portray your brand’s personality.

Not only do they work to craft a compelling visual narrative, but car manufacturing photographers have to get inside the process without disrupting the workflow. Inside a facility manufacturing vehicles, they have to be extra cautious to avoid potential hazards or injuries.

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Why Is Vehicle Manufacturing Photography Important?

Did you know that the auto industry is one of the top ten digital advertising spenders in the World? And did you also know that modern-day consumers are visually dominant? 

For those two reasons alone, manufacturing photography is essential to the success of any business that sells automobiles. While traditional marketing strategy involves highlighting the finished vehicle in action, ad campaigns that take consumers inside the building process stand out and can tap into emotions. 

In order to establish and build your brand, you need to make an emotional connection. By highlighting that people just like the average consumer are the ones building the cars on the road, you’re likely to boost your brand image and create a loyal support base.

What Makes A Successful Car Manufacturing Photo Shoot

If you’re tasked with acquiring a library of visual assets for an automotive brand, you might have no idea where to start. In order to find the right photographer, you need to know what you’re looking for and your end goals.

In the sections below, I’ll explain how to set clear goals and understand who you want to reach in order to have a successful photo shoot.

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Have A Clear Set Of Goals

The foundation of a successful project is to define what you want to accomplish. When it comes to automobiles, a photographer can bring non-tactile qualities to life and magnify the smallest of features. 

Some examples of goals to set for a car manufacturing photographer include: 

  • Close-up, detailed shots highlighting the craftsmanship of workers
  • Candid lifestyle images of workers interacting within the facility 
  • Wide landscapes showcasing the factory and workspace

Know Your Target Audience

There are countless sub-sections of the car industry. Not every vehicle can be marketed to the masses. If you’re working with luxury car brands, photos should highlight exclusivity – the best materials, the latest manufacturing technology, and pristine facilities.

On the flip side, if you’re a consumer-friendly brand offering affordable vehicles for the general public, showcasing relatable employees is likely a more effective approach.

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Understand The Purpose

Along with goals and target audience, you should understand the purpose of investing in automotive photography. Depending on the circumstance, you’ll likely desire a specific end result – whether that be the number of images or the various types.

If you’re creating a website page that highlights your facilities and/or location, you’ll want general images of the facility and workers in action.

A brand running a campaign around the people that build their company likely wants to focus on their employees – close-ups of their faces, candid shots collaborating with co-workers, and other relatable shots.

Incorporate Branding

Whether you’re a smaller brand or Mercedez-Benz, visual branding is important. Focus on tailoring all images to your visual brand throughout your session. Aside from ensuring that your logo is present in any possible image, strive to create an aesthetic that matches your brand identity.

The preconceived negative brand image associated with low-budget brands can be wiped away if you replace stock images with high-quality, branded photos of your facility. At the other end of the spectrum, a luxury car brand wants to create a sense of exclusivity in every shot.

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Enhance Your Automotive Marketing With Casey Templeton Photography

Now you know that auto manufacturing photography is much more than just snapping a few pics for Instagram. It’s a specialized segment that requires an acute level of awareness, an eye for branding and professional chops behind the lens.

Casey Templeton is an experienced Nashville-based professional photographer with years of experience helping businesses of various industries and sizes establish their visual brand. To learn more about Casey Templeton Photography or to get started on a project, fill out a contact form.

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